Jonathan Olsberg

Chairman - Olsberg SPI

Jonathan Olsberg has worked in the screen industries for 35 years, starting out in New York as an international sales agent, handling titles such as My Beautiful Launderette, before distributing specialised films in the US from directors like Resnais, Godard, Verhoeven, Greenaway and Paul Cox 

Jonathan is the founder and chairman of a successful international business - Olsberg SPI - which specialises in strategic advice for the creative industries with particular experience in the screen industries. Jonathan started the business 25 years ago and has grown it into a global enterprise servicing clients in North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and more. The company researches, writes and presents economic impact studies, cultural value studies, assessments of the value of screen tourism, and conducts studio feasibility and business planning for public and private sector clients.

Jonathan's work with producers in developing their business models has been described as the most invaluable knowledge that contributed to their success; so 
we are thrilled that Jonathan will be delivering a special two-hour Workshop (brought to you by Fulcrum Media Finance) as part of this year's SPADA Conference.  In the interactive workshop, Jonathan will explain his approach to creating customised business strategies and participants will work on developing, and share, their own business models.


**The session is open to all but limited seats available.



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