COVID-19 Health & Safety Standard and Protocols

New Zealand moves from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Wednesday 13 May 2020.  By definition, Alert Level 2 is a ‘Reduce’ phase which means ‘the disease is contained, but the risk of community transmission remains.’   For the screen sector this means work can commence on productions of all scale, provided all steps are taken to eliminate or minimize the possibility of exposure to coronavirus.


Last week the New Zealand Screen industry’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Standard and Protocols were endorsed on by WorkSafe, laying the way clear for local production to re-start in New Zealand.  The Standard and Protocols were developed by ScreenSafe, with a team of industry experts. Together the documents outline the principles of safe production and provide information about systems and resources to ensure working safely in New Zealand.  Thank you to all the SPADA members who provided invaluable feedback on these documents.


The Standard and Protocols will include templates and production guidance and can be found on the ScreenSafe COVID-19 page. The full ScreenSafe COVID-19 Health and Safety Production Toolkit which will include more detailed scenarios, useful templates and contacts, will be finalised soon.


All productions (regardless of size or budget) must follow the Health and Safety COVID-19 Standard & Protocols when developing individual Health & Safety Guidelines, you are also required to complete a simple registration with ScreenSafe in order to assist the Ministry of Health with contact tracing if needed and WorkSafe with monitoring. Some local productions are already safely underway. The protocols pave the way for co-productions and international productions once the New Zealand government has reviewed border restrictions.


For more information on the Standard and Protocols and how to practically apply this to work in the screen sector you can watch the following discussions:

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SPADA continues to provide support and guidance to Producers and the broader industry at this time. If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact or call 04 939 6936.