Codes of Practice/Industry Resources

Screen Industry reference documents that set out recommended standards based on industry best practice for all people working in the screen production industry.

Code of Practice Filming on Public Conservation Lands 2005
This code was developed by Film New Zealand and the Department of Conservation for the benefit of the screen production sector. It is designed to alleviate concerns about shooting on DOC land and spell out a code of good practice after extensive consultation to ensure that the exemplary record established to date by the New Zealand screen production industry was not damaged.

SPADA/NZ Actors' Equity Individual Performance Agreement
Replacing the 2005 Pink Book is the Individual Performance Agreement.  For a copy of the agreement contact the SPADA Office.

Code of Practice for Animal Welfare
This voluntary Code of Practice sets out recommended standards based on industry best practice that aim to ensure the welfare of animals used in screen productions. All people working in the screen production industry, who from time to time may come into contact with animals should be familiar with this Code.

Code of Practice for the Engagement of Crew (The Blue Book)
The Blue Book has been produced by SPADA and the NZ Film & Video Technicians’ guild to provide a reference document of best-practice processes for the engagement of crew in the New Zealand screen production industry. This edition replaces the 1995 edition. All SPADA members receive a free digital copy as part of their membership benefits. Non members can purchase a digital PDF copy for $50.00 + GST.
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Industry Resources

SPADA recommends consulting with a lawyer on contractual issues.

SPADA Update on Bryson Decision
SPADA, with the assistance of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, has prepared a document on the Bryson Supreme Court decision, summarizing what the Supreme Court did and did not say, followed by a list of relevant tests that can be applied to determine the status of workers as employees or contractors.

Buddle Findlay: Bryson Case Summary 2004
Supreme Court Press Release: James Bryson - Three Foot Six
Media Release: Implications For Screen Industry Of Bryson Decision Not Widespread