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UPDATED - COVID-19 Health & Safety Toolkit Standard, Protocols, Resources

Please read the following information from ScreenSafe about UPDATES to the ScreenSafe Health and Safety COVID-19 Standard and Protocols, and the release of the COVID-19 Resources page on their website.

ScreenSafe Health and Safety COVID-19 Standard and Protocols - UPDATED 19 MAY 2020

Click here for the updated ScreenSafe Health and Safety COVID-19 Standard (Version 1.5) and Protocols* (Version 1.2 updated 19 May). Please note these will continue to be updated when we receive feedback from the industry.   See details of the updates here

Useful COVID-19 Resources available online now

Click here for suppliers, forms and posters to be used on your production  - these are to provide guidance for safe practice on set (we will be adding more over this week). 

Please note WorkSafe are working on the Intimacy Guidelines at the moment and we will have further information through in the next 24 hours.

All productions must register on the ScreenSafe website here.

For more information visit the ScreenSafe COVID-19 page on their website.