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ScreenSafe COVID-19 Health & Safety Toolkit - Departmental Roles & Small Crew Guidelines


More good work from the ScreenSafe COVID19 Health & Safety team who have now included Departmental Roles in their guidelines:

"These guidelines are a best practice guide and have been created to support each department with their Health and Safety planning and to share with crew. These are intended to start each person and department thinking about how they will individually operate to fulfil the Standards and Protocols as set out in main H&S documents. Please note we will have additional information coming for Actors, Castings, Directors, Post Production, Safety, Stunts, Suppliers and Transport."

ScreenSafe have also released guidelines to help productions with small crews plan and prepare for their shoot while complying with the requirements of COVID-19 Health & Safety. 

"These guidelines are specifically written for small crew shoots like content, documentary, news crew or other small style shoots. You should still familiarise yourself with the ScreenSafe Standards & Protocols, but below are the essential points you need to think about before and during filming."

You can download the ScreenSafe Departmental Guidelines here, and the Small Crew COVID-19 Guidelines here, or for more information visit the ScreenSafe COVID-19 page on their website.