about us

Producers advocating for a robust and sustainable New Zealand screen production industry

Established in 1982, the Screen Production and Development Association of New Zealand (SPADA) plays a pivotal role in informing Government on policy that impacts the screen industry.  SPADA ensures that the government (Ministers and officials) is properly informed on industry issues, responding to requests for advice e.g. on incentives, co-production treaties, trans-pacific negotiations, government agency arrangements relating to the industry, policy and regulatory settings (including media regulation, public service broadcasting, impact of digital convergence on screen production and delivery. Formal submissions to select committees, government ministries and agencies; provide on-going input and advice on working parties.

As part of SPADA's work it:

  • Advocates for a robust and sustainable New Zealand screen production industry
  • Promotes, represents and advances the professional standards of Producers
  • Develops and helps grow the New Zealand screen production sector
  • Represents and works for the acknowledgment and understanding of SPADA's members
  • Shares information that will further the knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand screen production industry
  • Promotes contact with organisations and individuals in New Zealand and abroad whose aims are similar to SPADA's
  • Recognises and acknowledges as appropriate outstanding achievements of Producers and those in the field of screen production; and
  • Recognises the principals of the Treaty of Waitangi.

SPADA's Executive
The SPADA Executive comprises of New Zealand screen industry practitioners; who volunteer their time to work on behalf of the wider New Zealand screen production industry. At SPADA's Annual General Meeting SPADA members have the opportunity to nominate and vote a fellow SPADA member onto the SPADA Executive (a maximum of eight Executive, including the President). All executives have two year terms, and are governed by an elected President (currently Kelly Martin, CEO of South Pacific Pictures).

The 2017 SPADA Executive comprise President Kelly Martin: Catherine Fitzgerald, Kim E Baker, Jane Robertson, Mick Sinclair, David White, Angela Littlejohn and Matt Emery.