Dr Melanie Woodfield

Clinical Psychologist, Fellow - NZ College of Clinical Psychologists

Dr Melanie Woodfield (DClinPsy, BSc(Hons), FNZCCP) has been a Clinical Psychologist since 2004, and works as both a clinician and a researcher. She has a longstanding interest in parents and parenting, and effective psychological treatments for young children with conduct problems. Melanie was made a Fellow of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists in 2019. She received the Health Research Council’s Foxley Fellowship (2018-19) and is undertaking a PhD with the support of the Health Research Council’s Clinical Research Training Fellowship (2020-2024). The “Doctor, Doctor…” jokes have already begun. Melanie works clinically at a child and adolescent mental health service in Auckland, lectures regularly at the University of Auckland and AUT, delivers workshops to schools, and supervision to clinicians. She has contributed to pieces for RNZ, Radio Live, Three news, Next magazine, the Herald, Stuff and youth-oriented magazines and websites such as Leaving School and www.thelowdown.co.nz. She has also written for ‘OHbaby!’ parenting magazine since 2008, and participated in their Facebook Live interview series. Melanie believes strongly that sensible science ought to be shared, and that psychologists can provide more than just “pop”.

Dr Woodfield is part of the Science Roundtable.