Dr Craig Sutherland

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Electrical, Computing and Software Engineering - University of Auckland

Dr Craig Sutherland is a professional teaching fellow in the Department of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering, where he teaches the next generation of engineers to build robots and other systems. Previously, he worked in the Centre for Automation and Robotics Engineering Science (CARES), where he explored how people and robots can interact together, and how to improve robots in healthcare. Prior to getting a PhD in Human Computer Education, he worked in healthcare, education and software engineering. Craig’s research focuses on two areas: how robots interact with people and how people learn to program  computers. These interests conclude in teaching children how to program robots, especially his own. He regularly visits schools around Auckland to introduce robots and programming, so the next generation will be inspired to improve our robots.

Dr Sutherland is taking part in the Science Roundtable. 


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