Martijn Meerstadt

Partner, Freeway Entertainment

Martijn Meerstadt has been partner and shareholder at Freeway Entertainment Group since 2001, and became Co-CEO of the company in 2012. An expert in royalty and rights management solutions, Martijn has more than 17 years’ experience working in global entertainment rights. In addition to overseeing Freeway’s long term corporate strategy and management, Martijn also leads on new business development and governs the company’s collection account management and RevCheck distribution audit activities. 

Freeway Entertainment
Freeway Entertainment Group is a specialist provider of royalty and rights management solutions to the global audio-visual entertainment industry. Its services help clients maximising the earning potential of their entertainment assets and intellectual property rights, such as films and television productions.

Since 2001, Freeway has become a globally recognised leader in its market niche and has provided financial, exploitation and revenue sharing solutions to nearly 4,500 audio-visual productions, includ­ing many artistic and commercial successes and box office hits.

Clients range from studios, producers (production companies), entertainment lenders and film financing institutions, (semi-)governmental bodies, equity investors, completion bonders, unions (actors, writers and directors guilds), talent (actors, writers and directors), sales agents, local distributors and broadcasters, entertainment lawyers and consultants and every other dealmaker in the industry.

Freeway’s reputation and track-record as provider of first class royalty and rights management solutions and its vouch to deliver equal treatment to all clients as well as to provide equal care and attention to clients on both higher and lower budget productions, have earned it the trust and confidence not only of commercial clients but also of several national and international govern­mental film financing and support organisations.